Broaching of a Hammer and Selector Switch

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Project: Broaching of a Hammer and Selector Switch 
Industry: Military & Civilian Firearms

At Illinois Broaching Co., Inc., we have a long history of providing economical, efficient, and high quality broaching services to many industries. Licensed and certified for manufacturing firearm components, a good customer in the industry contracted with us to broach this hammer and selector switch for use in a rifle application. We reviewed the customer specifications, then fabricated the precision broaching tools to accurately and repeatably keep this part within the ±.0015” tolerance requirements. Working with customer supplied forgings and castings, we broach the components in lots of 1,000–40,000 depending on customer needs. Our large, well-equipped facility affords us the flexibility of managing both small and large orders within customer time constraints without compromising the delivery schedules of other projects.

The material finish for this component varies by production lot. Both in-process inspection and testing ensure that we are providing parts with precise dimensional accuracy and 100% reliable functionality.

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Highlights of this Hammer and Selector Switch Broaching Project

Product DescriptionHammer and Selector Switch for an AR-15
Broaching Capabilities Applied/Processes
Tightest Tolerances +/- .0015
Material UsedSupplied forging/casting
Material Finish Varies by Production Lot
In process testing/inspection performed Dimensional Inspection, Gage Inspection
Industry for Use
Military Industry
Firearm Industry
Volume1,000 – 40,000/lots
Delivery Location Illinois
Standards MetCustomer Specifications, CAD Drawing
Customer Specifications, CAD DrawingHammer and Selector Switch

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