CNC Machining Alloy Steel Spline Couplers Hydraulic Pump Industry

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Project: Manufacturing of Steel Spline Couplers 
Industry: Hydraulic Pump Industry

From blueprint to finished part, Illinois Broaching Co., Inc. commits to delivering precision machined components, quickly, and at competitive prices. When manufacturing these spline couplings for a customer in the hydraulic pump industry, we are able to utilize our advanced skills to deliver on that promise.

Fabricated from SAE 8620 alloy steel, the couplers range from 1″ – 4″ long, and 1″ – 4″ O.D. Production begins by precision turning raw stock to the specified outer and inner diameters. The inner splines were formed using a blind-spline technique, which eliminates deflection and produces highly accurate and repeatable results. Precision broaching was utilized to form the splines. The finished components were engraved with identification markings and then heat treated according to the customer specification. Gage and dimensional inspections verified that the required tolerances of ±.010” were met.

We fabricate these in quantities from 25-10,000, depending on customer requirements. To learn more about how our machining expertise can improve your next application, contact us today.

Highlights of this CNC Machining Project

Product Description Spline Couplers for a Hydraulic Pump
CNC Machining Capabilities Applied/Processes
Gear Shaping – Blind Spline
Broaching – Spline
Heat Treating
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CAD System
CNC Lathe
Overall Part Dimensions
OD: 1" – 4"
Length: 1" – 4"
Tightest Tolerances± 0.010
Material UsedSAE 8620 Alloy Steel
Material FinishHeat Treated/Machined
In process testing/inspection performed
Inspection Report
  • Gage Inspection, Dimensional Inspection
Industry for UseHydraulic Pump Industry
Volume25 – 10,000
Delivery LocationKings Mountain, North Carolina
Standards MetCustomer Specifications, CAD Drawing
Product NameSpline Couplers

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